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About our Purpose

Central FL Freedivers is an organization of divers committed to keeping the dive community safe! Built on the idea of finding ways to connect with other divers, create positive-impacting experiences, and empowering all divers through the language of water.

CFLF was founded in January of 2020 as a way to connect with the community as most divers resided in Central FL, now we are making connections with all divers all over Florida and around the states! We want to spread safety awareness, build empowering relationships, and encourage the community to dive responsibly by implementing safe diving practices through training, meet ups, and fun experiences!

Want to join the DiveFam? Connect with us on our Facebook group! 


 CFL Freedivers is made up of amazing individuals from all areas of Florida.

All that are freedivers, scuba divers, snorkelers, and enthusiasts coming together for our first Annual CFLF meetup October 2020. We welcome anyone who wants to learn, grow, have fun, and support one another in & out of the water. 


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Mary Ann 

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Hey ya'll! I'm Mary Ann, raised in Orlando, FL since I was 3 years old and was born in the Philippines. You can say I'm a complete water baby, grew up going to the beaches, fishing, kayaking and floating down the Wekiva springs. Every since May of 2020, I taught myself to freedive all summer and later that year went to get my Level 1 certification with Bob Fanok. Nowadays you can always find me freediving somewhere in FL and traveling to breathtaking diving destinations. My love for exploring beneath the surface, adventuring to different places, underwater photography and meeting other like-minded individuals inspired me to create Central FL Freedivers. 

"To live is rarest living in the world. Most people exist that is all." -Oscar Wilde



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My name is Yesaira, I was born and raised in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 moved to Florida in 2009. Came from an island but had no idea what freediving was, in fact I was always terrified of the water, it's depths, the mystery and the unknown. I started visiting some of our beautiful FL springs and snorkeled throughout my years here until 2020, when I met my best friend

Mary Ann who the same day I met, she asked if I wanted to take a freediving course. I immediately said yes, not knowing entirely what I said yes to. That’s when my journey began! I got PADI freediver certified in September of 2020 and it has changed my life for the better. I’ve become so passionate about freediving and all the mind, body, spiritual preparation and discipline it requires to be an efficient diver. Like life, it truly is a journey and you cannot stop learning and growing. I’m very passionate about freediving and the amazing community we have in Florida! I love connecting with all divers everywhere! Let’s connect & dive! 🤿✨

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