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Underwater Photographer in School of Fish

  Underwater Photographers  

Who is shooting all these amazing shots underwater? Who's behind the camera? 

Check out some of CFL Freediver's impressive UW photographers! 


Ingham Shootz

Meet Trace Ingham

I'm a Published Freelance photographer.


I started taking photos of nature and landscapes 12+ years ago, but in recent years, I've decided to dive head first into the underwater world of photos and video.


I'm based in the Northwest Florida area, in and around Destin, Florida; with frequent trips through the state, spring hopping, exploring, and meeting as many cool people as possible through out the year. 


My goal is to meet and connect with as many people that revolve around this world of underwater art and diving, and continually inspire and encourage others to observe nature and this planet from a new perspective while doing it safely and respectfully. 


*Prints are available through direct inquiry, I'm also accepting photoshoot requests. Shoot me a message on my Instagram or Facebook @inghamshootz!

Sunni Water Photography

Meet Mary Ann Zukowski


Before I got started into freediving, I was always in awe of all the beautiful photos taken underwater like the marine life, coral reefs, and the many things I've never seen before. My addiction and passion grew, from having a GoPro and being able to capture what I'm seeing brought me to share this view with others. Something about the water adds more depth and a different perception of what we personally view of underwater life.

IG: @sunniwaterphotography


Vitamin Sea Photography

Meet Anthony Kantin


My photography started as a love for surfing and wave photography. But over the years has evolved into a passion for the seas and waters in a more broader context. It's my goal for viewers of my work to feel something about our natural environment and our waters and creatures that inhabit them in a way that hopefully evokes a conservation-like appreciation for our planet.



Brandon Howard Photography

Meet Brandon Howard

My fascination with photography really started to take form after an extended 2 month back packing trip through Europe.  Ever since then I have been inspired to constantly explore new places and capture the beauty of our wonderful planet earth.  Traveling combined with photography really creates a unique in the moment experience that is like no other.  Most often I find myself photographing nature, landscapes, and underwater scenes all around the globe but also often right in my home state of Florida.  There is a lot to offer here in Florida and when I am not traveling you can typically find me free diving the springs or out surfing on the east coast.



ScoHo Studios, is an award winning studio that has been creating media across the US for over 16 years.

It's not uncommon for us to shoot over 1 million photos each year.

We specialize in shooting dance, commercial videography and near or underwater media creation. We are extremely passionate about

protecting natural environments and exploring nature.

The balance of nature, art and the latest media

technology is what separates us from other photographers and

videographers. From weddings and

headshots to social media development and commercial promos we've got your media covered.


Check us out at or @Scohostudios on IG and FB


Mad Tiki Photography

Meet Jeff Ferrell

Welcome to my world. Above, Below, & Beyond the surface of the water. My name is Jeff. I'm originally from North Carolina. Moved to Florida when I was 14. I love all types of photography, from sunrises & sunsets, landscapes, wildlife, astrophotography, to underwater. My love for underwater photography started as a teenager, when I was given an Ikelite underwater housing that only took disposable cameras at the time from my high-school sweetheart. Adulting came around and photography got pushed back. I got back into underwater photography about 10 years ago. So much has changed, so much to learn, but loving every minute of it. Over the years I've became certified in scuba and started to freedive more the last couple of years which quickly became a passion in my life and in my photography. 

When I am not exploring with my son, I'm in the water with friends, or editing photos. I'm loving this found love of photography and can't wait to see where this adventure takes me.  

Here's a link to my portfolio & website. Website is in the works and will be up soon.

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